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I took the plunge several months ago with Vonage.

I got tired of spending the bucks for my wife to call her mommy and 
siblings all the time in other states, racking up the long distance 

I signed up for Comcast cable, and then got Vonage to hook me up with 
the $24.99 home account. My wife went along, kicking and screaming, 
until she finally realized that the phone worked, that she could call 
anyone, anywhere in the USA..and it was just one charge. Now, I can 
never get her off the phone now. After proving Vonage at home, I had it 
installed to work at my office, and have used it here now for the past 4 

Vonage, and I assume the VOIP offerings from others, are, in my humble 
opinion, not yet for the faint of hear; the penny wise among us, if 
sufficiently determined, will benefit, but if someone needs lots of 
handholding, I am not sure VOIP is ready for them.

For what it's worth...

>Vonage, (www.vonage.com) offers a deal to small businesses that states
>for only $50/month a small business can make unlimited local and long
>distance calls.
>I'm very interested, but it's kinda scary.  The owners here would be
>upset if the phones didn't work even for a day.
>Anybody out there have any experience with this?
>I really like to talk to one of two businesses that are using this
>service - even visit their location and see how it's set up.
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