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Bradley Dorner bddorner at
Thu Feb 17 15:27:45 MST 2005

Why are people talking about $90 for Suse. There are
other distros that also cost, in some cases more then
that. I have heard a lot about how much it costs or
licensing requires you to buy at some point. 

I downloaded the iso's, no license agreement found
there and no cost other then my internet connection
fee. I also downloaded the cd boot image so that I
could install via ftp. I have seen no license
agreement there and no cost either.

If you want linux for free, including suse, download
it. If you want the support, then buy it. Buying a
distro also helps to support that distro.

At some point we all should support our favorites
distro either by buying one or donating to it. No one
will work for long for free, it is too hard to put
food on the table that way.

--- Kenneth Burgener <kenneth at> wrote:

> Eric Jensen wrote:
> > Suse Pro is $90, what is so great about it?
> > 
> > Eric
> Well there are a few differences that I have
> noticed:
> 1. Only the Pro version gives you a "minimal"
> install option.  This does 
> not install XServer, KDE, etc.  This is a good
> option for a server.
> 2. Several packages are only included with the Pro
> DVD version, such as 
> courier-imap, etc.
> Kenneth
> kenneth at
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