3 different problems of a Linux newbie.

Doran Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Thu Feb 17 15:03:04 MST 2005

Not long ago, david jensen proclaimed...
> Hello PLUGers:  Request help w/ 3 problems: How best to request help.?
> List each problem separately in different postings or list all at once.?

I think separate posts for separate problems works best for those with
threaded mail readers.

> PROB 1. "keyboard seqences=screwy results"

> "characters" typed from key board[s] work fine, but control sequences in
> VI & other apps. are screwy. I follow VI instructions in Linux RE: books,
> but don't get correct results. Unable to edit files to make attempt at
> correcting things. Tried another keyboard, same result. Both keyboards
> work OK w/ M$-98-B which is also on same boxen; dual boot but separate
> HDs. Debian Slink 1.2 came on CD-ROM from "VA-Linux", {gift from a Wash.
> DC area LUG while I was working in that area, 1996-2001).  Original
> keyboard brand was also DELL. Current keyboard is an "Ultra" brand clone
> "designed for Windows" according to the label.

For maximum hardware compatibility, install the most recent Linux
distribution you can get your hands on. Nobody is going to want to give you
advice on how to get an 8 year old Linux distro working. The only advice
you'll likely get it to upgrade. 

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