new list: windows admins anonymous

Steve Dibb steve at
Wed Feb 16 16:50:34 MST 2005

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:

> It can be a place where people are free to ask Windows questions while
> acknowledging they hate it and without people pointing out they should
> "just use *nix or *bsd"  A place where answers are not as easy as "just
> apt-get xxxx package and edit /etc/xxxx.config and BOOM, you're done."
> A place where we can assume you have already tried rebooting and
> reinstalling.  A place where a lot of question just go unanswered.

Actually that is what is very much needed, imo.  Some *good* resources 
and documentation on how to use Windows services/programs.

I was pretty surprised when I took over managing a few windows boxes by 
how hard it is to find some good decent documentation (after being 
spoiled by great linux docs for so long), and that most of my googling 
almost always turns up more links to books, seminars and events instead 
of tutorials and howtos.

Hopefully that will change a little.  I've accepted the fact that I have 
to work with Windows on a daily basis.  Now I just need some good 
resources to help me out.


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