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Bradley Dorner bddorner at
Wed Feb 16 15:58:24 MST 2005

Maybe I'm missing something, but the only trouble I
have had with running SUSE were Yast ( before I
learned how it worked), and some ID10T errors. Outside
of that it has been easier to use the the red hat

One thing we need to remember is that linix is a
moving target. What I finally did was pick a distro
and stuck with it until I got bored and looked at
something else.  For my money, I like suse. For me it
came down to the packages, suse just seems to have
everything, security, and stability ( determined from
looking at red hat, fedora, debian, and suse). Debian
and suse were my favorities. The final decision came
down to 64 bit support, which at the time meant suse.

That all happened 6 months ago and I am still smiling
about my choice.


--- Eric Jensen <eric at> wrote:

> Hah, guess I wasn't the only one with problems
> running Suse?  I actually 
> was impressed with a lot of things Suse did and how
> it ran, enough that 
> I am willing to give it another shot.  All else
> fails, I'll go back to 
> Slackware where I know I can easily get anything to
> work.
> Eric
> Roberto Mello wrote:
> >Everybody talks about a distribution as if
> installation was the only thing
> >that mattered. Personally I'd rather have something
> that's easy to use and
> >administer than something that's easy to install
> but crappy to use.
> >
> >-Roberto
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