Novell & Open Source

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Wed Feb 16 12:43:50 MST 2005

Steve Dibb wrote:
> I found this yesterday -- way coolies.  The Linux Mirror Project. 
> Basically torrents of popular distros.
> Here are Suse's.

The DVD image is the same FTP DVD image that is available for download 
straight from Novell.  From my experience the 9.2 FTP-DVD image is a 
crippled version of the 9.2 Pro DVD image that you can purchase.

 From Novell download:
ab648822abbd89906adb66f7cddd6bc2  SUSE-Linux-9.2-FTP-DVD.iso

 From tlm project:
ab648822abbd89906adb66f7cddd6bc2  SUSE-Linux-9.2-DVD.iso

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