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Jason Jones j at
Wed Feb 16 12:32:26 MST 2005

With all this talk about SUSE, I've gotta chime in here.  To pay the 
bills, I write articles about SUSE Linux (and Linux in general, as long 
as it applies to SUSE).  I've heard some pretty good things about SUSE 
Linux being used by people in here.  Would anyone be offended if I wrote 
an article about the different experiences people have had with SUSE 
from PLUG, and used some of the things you've said in the mailing list?  
Sort of like a "testimonials on SUSE from PLUG" - type thing?

If you want to be included in such an article, and haven't posted it all 
ready, or if you want to give me another version of your remarks, please 
email me.

Also, if you're interested in making a little extra money, and you can 
write, we accept articles from third parties, also.  Email me for more info.


PS the URLs for the site I write for can be found below:

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