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Sean Kirkby skirkby at
Wed Feb 16 12:25:06 MST 2005

I recently (within the last month) installed SuSE Desktop 9.1 on two new
workstations.  It couldn't have gone smoother.  (The workstations are HP
Compaq d530's).
I simply downloaded the boot CD ISO, burned it to a CD, booted it, and
pointed the install to an HTTP (not FTP) repository.  The repository I
used for both installs was
To get the boot CD ISO, download (about 23MB).  You can
also try to get floppy images and create install floppies, but I didn't
have good luck doing that.  The install kept hanging at some point.  But
the boot CD worked magically.
For one machine, I booted, answered a few questions, then had lunch. 
Came back to a nice, shiny new SuSE desktop.  For the other, I booted,
answered a few questions, then went home.  Came back the next morning to
a nice, shiny new SuSE desktop.
At the time, 9.2 was barely out, and I couldn't get it to install.  I
suspect the repositories are caught up now, but I'm not sure.
Oh, I should mention that I installed on one machine at home over a
cable modem connection, and one at work over a 1.5MB+ DSL connection. 
In each case, the entire install was completed in less than an hour.
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>>> eric at 2/16/2005 11:45:19 AM >>>

Been lots of talk here about moving our Windows workstations to Linux 
since all we really use is a web browser, e-mail, OpenOffece, etc.  
After this discussion I think we want to give Suse a go, especially 
because of that mutli-head comment.  Must have our dual monitor lovin'.
I am looking for suggestions for installation, I have really bad 
memories with the FTP install.  Think part of that was because the 
mirrors were not actually complete like they claimed to be, but not 
sure.  I'm a big fan of ISOs, but not sure the boss' will go for 
purchacing them.  Not because they wouldn't want to support
but they just get it into their heads that Linux is free.  So if
could point me to a torrent to download an ISO or just a more stable 
method of installation that would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Jensen
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