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Eric Jensen eric at
Wed Feb 16 12:12:32 MST 2005

Very handy site, thanks.  Unfortunately, none of our crummy Dell 
workstations have DVD-ROMs.  Was thinking of mounting the ISO on our 
Linux server and doing a network install.  But I have never done 
anything like that, so I'm not sure what kind of process that is.  Not 
sure that is much better then the FTP install options either.


Steve Dibb wrote:

> Eric Jensen wrote:
>> Been lots of talk here about moving our Windows workstations to Linux 
>> since all we really use is a web browser, e-mail, OpenOffece, etc.  
>> After this discussion I think we want to give Suse a go, especially 
>> because of that mutli-head comment.  Must have our dual monitor 
>> lovin'.  I am looking for suggestions for installation, I have really 
>> bad memories with the FTP install.  Think part of that was because 
>> the mirrors were not actually complete like they claimed to be, but 
>> not sure.  I'm a big fan of ISOs, but not sure the boss' will go for 
>> purchacing them.  Not because they wouldn't want to support 
>> Novell/Suse, but they just get it into their heads that Linux is 
>> free.  So if anybody could point me to a torrent to download an ISO 
>> or just a more stable method of installation that would be greatly 
>> appreciated.
> I found this yesterday -- way coolies.  The Linux Mirror Project. 
> Basically torrents of popular distros.
> Here are Suse's.
> Steve
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