Novell & Open Source

Eric Jensen eric at
Wed Feb 16 11:45:19 MST 2005

Been lots of talk here about moving our Windows workstations to Linux 
since all we really use is a web browser, e-mail, OpenOffece, etc.  
After this discussion I think we want to give Suse a go, especially 
because of that mutli-head comment.  Must have our dual monitor lovin'.  
I am looking for suggestions for installation, I have really bad 
memories with the FTP install.  Think part of that was because the 
mirrors were not actually complete like they claimed to be, but not 
sure.  I'm a big fan of ISOs, but not sure the boss' will go for 
purchacing them.  Not because they wouldn't want to support Novell/Suse, 
but they just get it into their heads that Linux is free.  So if anybody 
could point me to a torrent to download an ISO or just a more stable 
method of installation that would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Jensen

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