OT: Windows Mailing List?

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Wed Feb 16 11:14:56 MST 2005

Kenneth Burgener wrote:

> Hans Fugal wrote:
>> Windows questions from *nix users to "normal" windows admins tend to be
>> an excercise in miscommunication. What we need is a list for windows
>> admins who wish they weren't. I'd be on it, and I suspect there's a good
>> number of people on this list who would too. Maybe we should start one.
>> I agree it's not exactly on-topic for this list.
> Unfortunately, most companies have a Linux server, and then Windows 
> clients.  So Most Linux administrators also have to play Windows 
> administrator to.  Just a fact of life.  So for a mailing list for 
> Linux admins, this fits very much with most of us.
I agree, we have about a dozen linux servers but several dozen employees 
using XP Home that we have to support.  We have them using as much open 
source and non-MS software as possible (OpenOffice, FireFox, etc).  But 
still plenty of Windows security, authentication, etc to worry about.


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