OT: Windows Mailing List?

Steve Dibb steve at wonkabar.org
Wed Feb 16 11:02:44 MST 2005

Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> Lars Rasmussen wrote:
>> I often find myself with MS software/config questions(I run a Samba
>> domain w/ 2000 & XP workstations) and feel that the only place I can
>> ask them w/o getting lambasted is Google.
> You and me both.
>> Feel free to email me off list if you have info but feel this is an
>> inappropriate topic for further discussion here.
> Please include me on this, I would like to know as well.

I'm interested too.  As it is, its always difficult googling for 
anything MS-related since it always turns out weird results.

I found this though:

http://www.issug.org/ -- Intermountain SQL Server Users Group. 
Apparently they have meetings in SLC.  I dont see a mailing list though, 
only a forum.  http://www.issug.org/Discussions/default.aspx

http://www.utahdnug.org/ -- Utah .NET User Group  They meet at Northface 
here in West Jordan.  I found issug's link from their Links page.

I still havent found any mailing lists though.


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