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Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Wed Feb 16 08:11:46 MST 2005

nikhil d purwant wrote:
> hi people 
>      so i got a good answer to my question about makefile the other day thanks the concerned people. now can anybody please explain me following lines from the makefile i have i know it has to do something with 
> the ipmlicit rules but i'm not being able to figure out exactly what it is (the CFLAGS LINE)
> appending the part of the makefile 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> INCLUDEDIR =some path

Hopefully I understand your question.  The question is what does the 

The CFLAGS is just a variable that holds anything.  I could have been 

If you are asking what each of the parameters are:

 From what I remember the "-D" option says to specify a macro.  If I 
remember right the "-D__KERNEL__ -DMODULE" specifies to create in-kernel 
object files (modules).  The "-O" says to optimize.  The 
"-I$(INCLUDEDIR)" just specifies the path to the include files.

Hopefully that helped.

kenneth at

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