Novell & Open Source

Gabriel Guderson gabe at
Tue Feb 15 23:41:38 MST 2005

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 21:43 -0700, Stephen Shaw wrote:
> From what I understand suse is more compliant with the LSB than most 
> distros
> -Stephen

It was a light-hearted comment, meaning I would like them to put things
in directories "that I'm used to".  When the other things fall into
place for them, I'll simply get used to where SuSE installs.

I'm 90% sure I'll be a SuSE user in the next year or two.

(based on what Novell has done *and* wishful thinking):

0) They are the only "local" distro - unless you count SCO (according to
them *ALL* disros are belong to them and are therefore local :)).

1) They will have a killer Gnome desktop that will no longer play second
fiddle to KDE.  I mean come on, they bought Ximian.  Give them a while.
They don't want to scare the KDE folks and they need time to do it
right.  I'm not saying KDE will get any less attention.  I'm just saying
Gnome will arrive on SuSE.

2) Miguel and I are buds.

3) ISOs will become more available.  None of this crappy ftp stuff or
waiting periods.  We already see this happening.

4) Mono will be an option at install.  It will be polished and along
with the tools surrounding it, it will be a top notch development

5) Nat and I are buds.

6) In a stab at MS's base they will make not suck.

7) yast will get better and lighter.  This will be a result of having
opened it up to the community.  It will take a while but other distros
will adopt and improve it.

8) They will fork their product to offer a more community based version
(Red Hat / FC style) that will speed development and reduce costs.  This
will lead to repositories for SuSE packages springing up everywhere -
all the bleeding edge stuff will be an apt-get (tied into yast of
course) away.

9) They will hire me to predict their future.

I must be bored.


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