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Stephen Shaw sshaw at
Tue Feb 15 21:55:52 MST 2005

I really like suse.  I've become a really big since just before redhat 
9.  I dropped redhat stuff about that time.  I use it on lots of 
production servers.  PBX, virtual mail, virtual web, PDC, nfs, novell 
products(ie ifolder, extend, etc.).  I haven't once had a problem with 
it.  It has worked great and detected everything.  It will even install 
the nvidia driver from nvidia's site during an online update.  For those 
that hate having to put in the cd/dvd then copy an image to the drive 
and then set it up as a loopback device.  Goto yast and then set the 
source of install to that folder.  Great when working with servers.  You 
can also setup red-carpet and that will allow you to update/add/remove 
packages.  Another nice feature is if you install an rpm, you can use 
yast and have it put it into the yast info collection thingy (yes very 
technical) and that way in the future all you have to do is goto the 
install/remove packages and it will be listed there.  there are a lot of 
really nice things in there.  I would be willing to maybe setup a nfs 
server with the image at an install fest and then however can install 
off of the nfs server. ( I do have the dvd copy of 9.2 pro.


Stephen Shaw wrote:

> From what I understand suse is more compliant with the LSB than most 
> distros
> -Stephen
> Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
>> Novell is putting its code where its mouth is.  I'm really starting to
>> like what I see.  For example:
>> Novell Launches Open Source Collaboration Server Initiative
>> This will fill a big void it the open source world.
>> Now if they could only ship a version of SuSE that had a current Gnome
>> desktop and installed stuff in the right directories.
>> My 2 cents,
>> Gabe
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