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Eric Jensen eric at
Tue Feb 15 14:34:40 MST 2005

Think it was Suse 9.1.  Installed on an Alienware laptop as well as my 
Athlon XP PC and both were problematic.  None of the distros worked on 
the Alienware laptop though.  They either wouldn't boot, load X or the 
mouse and other hardware wouldn't function.  But if I'm totally wrong 
with Suse being pile of garbage, that makes me very happy.  I'll have to 
give them another go some time.


Charles Curley wrote:

>On Tue, Feb 15, 2005 at 01:41:40PM -0700, Eric Jensen wrote:
>>You can get ISO of the eval version there, but not the full.  Only 
>>option for that is the FTP install, which from what I remember wasn't 
>>the smoothest process I've experienced with Linux.  Especially if you 
>>have a NIC that isn't all that supported and takes a bit of work to get 
>>up and running.  I even tried running a local FTP with the same 
>>directory structure with no luck.  Getting full non-eval ISOs for Suse 
>>is not easy, I remember having to search all over for a torrent file.  
>>From what I gather, this has been a huge negative for moving over to 
>>Suse for a lot of people.  Doing a several gig install over your 
>>internet connection doesn't sit well with a lot of people.  Installs can 
>>take long enough as it is, especially if you are the type who like to do 
>>the easy full install.
>I thought about that. :-) I'm not wild about loosing my connection or
>some such half way throught the installation. That's one reason I
>prefer NFS installation: I've actually had to reboot my NFS server half
>way through an installation of FC3. The installation picked right up
>and went on without a hiccup.
>I'm going to try hauling in the DVD iso and opening it as a loopback
>device, and mounting that under my ftp tree. Then I'll see if the FTP
>installation ISO can use my local server.
>>After I did get Suse installed, I was not impressed.  It was pretty and 
>>user friendly, but horribly unstable.  Out of all the Distros I tried 
>>over that week (Debian, Slackware, Fedora, Mandrake, and a few others I 
>>forget) Suse was by far the most unstable.
>Interesting. Which version of Suse? I had no problems installaing or
>running 9.1 on my testbed (1.1 GHz Athlon, 120 MB main memory, 20 GB
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