RPM compatibility

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at uvlug.org
Mon Feb 14 16:37:37 MST 2005

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> To summarize.  The problem is DLL hell and how package managers deal
> with multiple versions of share libraries (can you install libtiff-1 and
> libtiff-2 simultaniously?).  These are solvable problems.  I must say,
> though, that with nice repositories specific to my distro out there, I
> rarely have to install anything not packaged for FC3 for example.  apt-
> get works week.
> Michael

Why aren't all the dependencies packaged with the source?  This would 
seem to be a good solution to me.  Maybe back in the day when Internet 
connections were slow it made sense to separate things, but now with 
high speed they could at LEAST give you an option to download a file 
that has the dependencies included.

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