Sun versus IBM Identity Management

Erik R. Jensen erikrj at
Mon Feb 14 15:48:52 MST 2005

The company I work for is in the process of finding an identity management
solution that suits our needs. It has come down to two options. Option #1
is to go with IBM, using their IBM Directory Server, Tivoli Access
Manager, Tivoli Identity Manager. Option #2 is to go with Sun using Sun
Directory Enterprise Server, Identity Manager and Access Manager. Either
direction, we will probably deploy on Linux and I expect the costs to
exceed 500k.

We are primarily an IBM shop and need the identity management solution to
tie in with Oracle Apps, Oracle HR, WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Commerce,
Lotus Domino, Active Directory, NT Domains, AS/400 authentication and
provide as much single sign on as possible for the large number of
applications we run on our WAN.

I'm not sure who has worked with such a software stack before, but I would
greatly appreciate opinions on either set of products. If your company
deployed a similar stack I would appreciate information on deployment
times, road blocks and problems that arose during the decision making
process and implementation. If there are some people that want to toss in
Novell eDirectory comments, those will be appreciated as well. Novell's
eDirectory is a recent option we have been looking at but seems to be
problematic in regards to WebSphere Portal/Commerce authentication and

Thanks in advance,

Erik R. Jensen

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