RPM compatibility

Dan Wilson dan at acucore.com
Mon Feb 14 15:23:01 MST 2005

On Mon, 2005-02-14 at 11:34 -0700, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> How compatible are RPMs?  Will an RPM listed for Suse 9.1 work with Suse 
> 9.2?  Or how about for 7.2?

I'm running 9.2 and found that most RPMs for 9.1 worked on 9.2 as well.

> Will an RPM made for Mandrake work for Suse?  Will an RPM work on any 
> system that has the same kernel version?

This depends on how the RPM is built.  Some RPMs are defined generically
enough that it will build and install on multiple flavors.


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