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Sun Feb 13 11:53:20 MST 2005

Dell Inspiron 3800 stats:

 - installation: about 0.5 hour
 - hardware: perfect detection and operation (didn't/don't care about
     the winmodem)
 - software: Lots of goodies
 - usability: great

Windows 2000:
 - installation: about 1.5 hours
 - hardware: pcmcia nic and wireless card both failed to configure
     without installation CDs. I had to use my own wireless card (which
     I had the CD for) to get the drivers for these from the internet.
     Even then, it wasn't easy to get windows straightened out. The
     sound card was also incorrectly identified and the driver had to be
     uninstalled and replaced by one from the net.  USB jump drive
     didn't work right until windows update had run.
 - software: all day to download firefox, openoffice, a media player,
     windows updates, etc.
 - other: for some inexplicable reason the install didn't overwrite the
     MBR so to finish the install I had to modify grub to get windows to
     boot. This was perhaps a pleasant surprise, because modifying grub
     is easier than reinstalling grub, but that doesn't mean it wasn't
 - usability: much slower than linux, uglier, but more windows-like (duh)

Summary: Linux on the desktop (at least by the name of ubuntu) has
  surpassed the ease and speed of installation of Windows 2000. I made
  it a point to pretend to play dumb throughout the installation and
  resist all urges to do something expert.
  I think a normal user would have had less trouble on this hardware
  getting ubuntu linux to a usable state than getting windows to a
  usable state. Installing linux took some general intelligence and
  common sense, while installing windows took very creative wizardry and
  recalled experience from my windows days.

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