Samba share like windows

David Smith DavidSmith at
Sun Feb 13 11:39:12 MST 2005

<quote who="Kenneth Burgener">
> Doran Barton wrote:
>> Not long ago, Kenneth Burgener proclaimed...
>>>        server string =
>>>        security = SHARE
>>>        guest account = samba
>> Use security = user.
>> -=Fozz
> Although setting "security=user" does make it so I can specify a user,
> it also disables the general guest browsing as well. If I try to browse
> to "\\linux" it asks for a password, same with if I try to access the
> guest share "\\linux\share". So although this fixes one problem, it
> creates another.

What about explicitly setting browsable = true (which may not be the exact
setting, running from memory).


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