New hardware not working blues

Josh Coates jcoates at
Sat Feb 12 10:48:51 MST 2005

just $.02 more -

IMO, the best way to test this is by doing a *swap test* - forget the
multi-meter.  i had the brand-name uber-expensive 400W PSU, the
crap-o-generic "600W" (yeah right) PSU, a generic 300W PSU and a 330W
uber-expensive brand-name PSU.  i took turns swapping them and found that
the 330W worked best with my CPU/MB setup.  "in theory" any of them should
have worked just fine - but the 330W was the only one that did the trick.

i suggest you remove the motherboard from the case, and set it on the desk,
hook up your monitor and PSU and then use a screw driver to short the
power-up leads - and watch for the POST.  working in the case is a PITA, and
if you are swapping out your PSU every 2 minutes for testing, it's nice not
to have to futz with the case.

maybe i was born under a bad sign, but me & hardware have a long running
feud.  YMMV.

Josh Coates

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the return policy at PC Club in great.  I think there is a better one
around as long as you don't try to screw them.  I'd hookd people up
several times after their return time at pas at full purchase price.
After a certain point it was for store credit though.
With power supplies, you can't just pay a little extra sometimes.  I
paid about 80 for mine.  I really like the enermax power supplies.
you should be able to check the voltage from the bios ( board pending ).
email me directly if you bought the stuff there.  I might be able to
help you out a little bit more.


Gabriel Gunderson wrote:

>On Sat, 2005-02-12 at 09:00 -0700, Josh Coates wrote:
>>i've had similar nightmare problems with pieced-together boxes.  i'm going
>>to guess that your CPU is a high-end P4 w/ that extra 1.5V power (IIRC)
>>attachment thingy?  power supplies are notoriously awful pieces of
>>that easily fail and often don't actually produce the power they are
>>to produce.
>If this is it, I'll be ticked.  This was the first time I payed a little
>extra for a nicer power supply.
>>i tried several different power supplies (generic, 'name-brand', 300W,
>>etc) and found one that worked.
>>but, maybe that's not your problem - i'm just making a guess.  this is why
>>you pay a little bit extra to get a factory made box, because they make
>>all the components work together.
>But then what would I do all night?
>>this is why i am not an electrical engineer - hardware is
>My feelings exactly.
>>Josh Coates
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| This has been a P.L.U.G. mailing. |
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