New hardware not working blues

Dave Smith DavidSmith at
Sat Feb 12 10:37:31 MST 2005

This happened to me a while back and the RAM turned out to be 
incompatible with the motherboard. Hit your motherboard manufacturer's 
web site and make certain that the RAM you purchased is actually on 
their compatibility list. That was my problem, even though the 
components were top of the line.


Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> I had big plans to redo my home network this weekend.
> After I put a new box together from the parts I purchased today, I
> discovered a problem.
> I get a post on the new box and I'm able to get to the BIOS and make the
> changes I'd like. I can even get a few seconds into a Linux installer,
> but then the PC just powers off - instantly.  This happens without fail
> within 3 - 4 mins of turning on the system.
> The PC will not boot back-up right away.  If I let it sit for about 2-3
> min. and toggle the switch on the back of the power supply to off, then
> in a few seconds I'll hear a very faint noise like "pssss".  I can't
> really tell where the sound is coming from.  After it makes that noise,
> I flip the switch on the back and it will power up for a few more
> minutes before doing the same thing again.
> Nothing looks out of place, the heat sink on the CPU feels cool, and I
> don't smell any smoke.  I removed all of the cards and drives so that I
> could eliminate them.  It still does it with just the motherboard, CPU,
> memory and whatever else is needed to power-up.
> It's 2:30 am, I'm sleepy, and I feel like I'm rambling.  Please lend
> your wisdom and save my weekend.
> Good Night,
> Gabe
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