my cable modem hates splitters

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Fri Feb 11 12:36:07 MST 2005

Steve Dibb wrote:
> Once again, I'm running into some strange problem that hopefully someone 
> has experienced as well. :)
> Basically -- my cable modem will not get an Internet connection unless 
> there it is the only thing plugged into my cable jack.
> It first happened about a week or so after Comcast came out and 
> installed my service.  They had a splitter on it it, so from the jack 
> there was a cable to the splitter, and from the splitter two cables: one 
> to my cable modem and one to my TV.
> One day my cable modem just would not connect at all, but my TV was 
> fine.  I fiddled around with it, and found out that if I removed the 
> splitter and plugged the modem straight into the cable jack, it came 
> back up right away.
> Anyway, I left it like that for a good while, until I decided I wanted 
> to use my TV tuner card.  I put a different splitter on there again, and 
> my modem again worked for a week or two, and then it died.  This time, I 
> tried different combinations of splitters and cables, but no matter what 
> the configuration, the modem just won't get a connection unless there's 
> no splitter in place.
> Is the connection just getting weakened by the splitter or something, 
> and I just need a signal booster or what?  Or should I just break down 
> and call Comcast and have them come out here?
> Anyone else had similar issues?
> Steve

When I originally joined with AT&T broadband (now Comcast) way back when 
I had only my cable modem connected and had no cable tv service.  One 
day that changed, they began forcing you to have cable tv, or they would 
charge you anyway.  So they came down and hooked me up for cable tv. 
They had to install a special "filter" splitter so that the tv would not 
interfere with the cable Internet connection.

Well we moved to a new area and when they came an installed the service 
they did not attach the splitter.  They also had me switch to a new 
cable modem and said the old one would not work on their new system in 
the area.  I asked why they did not install the tv/Internet filter and 
they said that the new system is setup so that it is no longer required.

So it looks like you are having the same scenario that I had.  I am not 
exactly sure if it is the newer style cable modem that I was required to 
use or the new area cable system.  But I am assuming that one or the 
other is your problem as well.  I would try calling Comcast and discuss 
it with them to find a good solution.

kenneth at

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