my cable modem hates splitters

Steve Dibb steve at
Fri Feb 11 12:26:29 MST 2005

Once again, I'm running into some strange problem that hopefully someone 
has experienced as well. :)

Basically -- my cable modem will not get an Internet connection unless 
there it is the only thing plugged into my cable jack.

It first happened about a week or so after Comcast came out and 
installed my service.  They had a splitter on it it, so from the jack 
there was a cable to the splitter, and from the splitter two cables: one 
to my cable modem and one to my TV.

One day my cable modem just would not connect at all, but my TV was 
fine.  I fiddled around with it, and found out that if I removed the 
splitter and plugged the modem straight into the cable jack, it came 
back up right away.

Anyway, I left it like that for a good while, until I decided I wanted 
to use my TV tuner card.  I put a different splitter on there again, and 
my modem again worked for a week or two, and then it died.  This time, I 
tried different combinations of splitters and cables, but no matter what 
the configuration, the modem just won't get a connection unless there's 
no splitter in place.

Is the connection just getting weakened by the splitter or something, 
and I just need a signal booster or what?  Or should I just break down 
and call Comcast and have them come out here?

Anyone else had similar issues?



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