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Fri Feb 11 08:45:16 MST 2005


I don't know if your using php, but perl had a word boundary \b you
could use
and I don't know why you have ([^_]) at the end of your regex
considering what your trying to match.




Tyler Bird
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>>> dan at 02/11/05 7:18 AM >>>
Ok... so I claim to have a working knowledge or regex, but I cannot
to get this one right.  Here's the problem:

I have text which contains multiple values that I want to manipulate.
Let's say it looks something like this:

"... blahblah the brown fox jumped over $blahblah ..."

I want to manipulate/replace the 'blahblah', but not the '$blahblah'.
How would I go about doing this?  I've got the following regex, but it
doesn't do the trick:


Any help would be great!


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