childrens games

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Wed Feb 9 10:06:30 MST 2005

Spencer asked:

> After having browsed around and not finding much, I'd like to know of
> some good kids games for linux.  Something a 5-6 yr old could play.

I set up a system for my kids and they love it.  It's KDE with 
auto-login and some fun icons, and I use Karamba with the Kroller 
taskbar to give them a bunch of icons at the bottom of the screen that 
expand when you roll over them (a la Mac OS X).

Amongst others, here are some of the games:

* Frozen Bubble
* Bomberclone
* LTris
* LBreakout
* LPairs
* TuxPaint (not a game per se, but lots of fun)
* Tux Racer
* Jools
* SuperTux

If you want I can provide the URLs to download all of these, although a 
quick search should find them easily.  I compiled them all myself, and 
there are some support libraries you'll need for a few of them, but 
nothing too major.

Good luck!


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