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On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 09:18:02PM -0700, Sasha Pachev wrote:
> Hello, everybody,
> This is going to be less OT than some of the threads have been. If you are 
> a Linux hacker, you might have a consulting business. And if so, figuring 
> out how you pay your taxes is a part of it. So this is somewhat on topic :-)
> As some of you may have noticed or heard, I am now a full-time independent 
> consultant for the first time. Things are going well so far, except I need 
> to figure out how I am paying taxes to make sure IRS does not hit me with a 
> fine, and also to make sure I do not pay more than I have to.
> Questions:
> Does anybody know of a calculator that will tell me based on my expected 
> annual income, family size and estimated deductions how much tax I owe per 
> quarter for both state and federal taxes? I have found one on Intuit site 
> that kind of does it, but it does not do deductions/child tax credit/etc, 
> nor does it do state taxes. (And to keep this on topic, it has to be 
> Linux-compatible).

Taxes... Gnrrrr.....

Last year I put the Federal 1040 ES form onto an
spreadsheet. I have not yet updated it for 2005. If you'd like a copy,
I'd be glad to do the update & GPL it.

Sorry, being smart enough to live in a state with no state income tax,
I don't have a Utah equivalent.

> If I did fine without a CPA when most of my income came from a W-2 type 
> job, do I need one now?

How much time do you want to spend on taxes?


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