Using Caller ID

Richard Esplin richjunk1 at
Tue Feb 8 21:28:49 MST 2005

We have recently discussed how asterisk can answer a phone call, and route 
according to what number is calling. On a more recent thread, Hans mentioned 
that asterisk can read the Caller ID information as well. Is there a way to 
write the Caller ID information, or at least preserve it when routing a call?

My brother works as a sales rep. for three different businesses. He has three 
different phone lines, and three different cell phones. In this way, he knows 
that if someone calls on cell phone A, he should answer with the name of 
business A.

Could I set up some kind of server that would receive all three phone numbers 
and route them to a single cell phone, but let the receiving cell phone know 
which number was originally called? I figure that such information could be 
transmitted with the Caller ID portion of a call. I have read about Caller ID 
spoofing, but I am unsure how hard it is, or if it is legal. Any suggestions?

Richard Esplin

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