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On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 03:24:27PM -0700, Eric Jensen wrote:
> Working on merging two very similar code bases and I am wanting to use 
> Emac's Ediff, it seems to be pretty handy.  Having a hard time merging A 
> and B into C though.  I have read through the manual and it says how to 
> move A to C and B to C, but not parts of A to C and parts of B to C.  
> Anybody have any experience with this?  This is the only project I've 
> used Emacs on and Vim taught me that randomly mashing buttons will get 
> you nowhere. ;)

Another thread hijacker, gnrrrr....

When doing a three-way ediff in Emacs, you move diffs by indicating
both the source and destination buffers. So to move from A to B, "A
B". To move from A to C, "A C". Etc. You can get more help from the
ediff frame with "?".


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