Dual head on Dell Latitude D600

Justin Gedge jgedge at amis.com
Tue Feb 8 11:43:39 MST 2005

is the problem that of getting multihead configured-- or is it the issue 
of changing between single head and multihead on the fly?
Are you trying to set it up the old school way with :0.0 for your main 
display and :0.1 for your next monitor, or are you trying to go w/ 
xerinima[probably spelled it wrong -- i have enough trouble pronouncing 
it] mode [one large desktop].  Kind of curious.

my experience is w/ the more traditional where each display gets it's 
own ``session'' :0.1 etc... 

Either way my guess is that to change things on the fly-- you'd have to 
have two sets of config files and link to the file(s) that correspond to 
you current setup.  Shutdown X, change links over to new setting, 
restart X.  I'm not sure how well this will work with running 
applications.  Probably not well at all... unless they've added some 
cool features to X recently.

David Smith wrote:

>I've setup multi-head with XFree86 on a desktop, but never on a laptop.
>I've been working on it for a few weeks off and on with my new Dell
>Latitude D600 and xorg, but with no luck. Windows XP got this feature just
>right in my case. When I set my laptop on the docking station with
>external monitor attached, it automatically extends the display over both
>my internal LCD and external monitor. When I take my laptop off the
>docking station, it
>automatically goes back to a single-head display.
>This is really great, but I can't get it to happen under Gentoo. I've
>tried the radeon driver, vesa driver, and the proprietary fglrx driver
>(which is quite buggy by the way), and the best I've gotten is a cloned
>display on the external monitor. I can't even get the external monitor to
>display at its own resolution. My laptop uses 1400x1050, but my external
>monitor can only display 1280x1024. I've Googled around and haven't found
>anyone with a real solution. I'll link to my various xorg.conf files below
>in hopes that someone can help out. Also, I'd rather not use the fglrx
>driver as it crashed X quite often on my setup.
>Thanks in advance!
>My configs:
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