Apache-Perl: mod_perl error

Tyler Bird BIRDTY at uvsc.edu
Mon Feb 7 15:40:35 MST 2005

Do you have use strict or use strict 'defs' on?

You need to define your variables before you use them.

>>> ffl at asphaltzipper.com 02/07/05 12:11 PM >>>
Okay, I got my package to work, well partially.  I am making a call to
the package:

package::mySub( variable );

But my variable doesn't seem to go through.  I get the error saying
variable is undefined.  I am trying to assign it with shift, like:

sub mySub {
my $var = shift;

I'm positive the variable I am passing is defined.  Do I have to pass
the variable a specific way?

*Correction to the code above: mysub instead of sub.
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