Closet cleanout sale

Dave Smith DavidSmith at
Sat Feb 5 16:53:28 MST 2005

I just cleaned out a bunch of computer stuff from my closet, so I have a 
few things up for grabs. You name the price ($0 or higher please). Not 
all this stuff is computer parts, per se, like a laptop backpack and a 
TI graphing calculator. See the list for details:

- 32Mb SODIMM RAM (for older laptops)
- 6Gb Laptop Hard Drive (from an Inspiron 5000).
- 12Gb Laptop Hard Drive (from an Inspiron 5000).
- 100Mb Laptop Zip Drive (from an Inspiron 5000).
- TI-86 Graphing Calculator, practically unused, needs batteries (AAA).
- 2 Netgear 10/100 PCI Ethernet Cards.
- 1 Netgear 10/100 PCMCIA Ethernet Card for laptops (32 bit, very fast).
- 1 Linksys PCMCIA 802.11b Wireless Ethernet Card (version 3, orinoco_cs
   or prism2_cs drivers work fine, also works with Airfart).
- 1,000,000 Turkish Lira (seriously, thanks to Evan).
- An HP Vectra, Pentium 90MHz, with Debian pre-installed I think (made a
   great firewall for me, used to house the two PCI network cards).
- 2 CD-ROM drives (read-only, 56x and 48x).
- Tons of other weird cables and misc:
     Serial to ethernet thing (Cisco 678, I believe)
     DSL phone filters
     Mountains of IDE ribbon cables
     Power cables (like any geek doesn't already have enough of those).
     1/8" headphone to RCA converters (for laptop-to-TV).
     RCA Y-cables (2-to-1, great for DJ'ing dances with Winamp
        visualizations no multiple monitors)
- A cool drive-mountable cooling fan (no pun intended)
- A PS/2 to AT keyboard converter
- A Novell Brainshare 2002 backpack with padded laptop compartment.
- A PCI sound card (wow, if you need this, I don't even want to know how
   old your stuff is).

Wow, I've read about these closet sales in the past, but never thought 
I'd be having one myself. I just can't stand chucking this stuff in the 
trash can. If you can provide a good home for any of this stuff, please 
email me off list and make an offer or an inquiry. Sorry, no deliveries. 
Full refunds are available if item is DOA (and no restocking fee). I 
live in Murray, around 4800 South. Happy shopping!


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