Apache-Perl: mod_perl error

Ryan Nielsen ffl at asphaltzipper.com
Fri Feb 4 17:15:43 MST 2005

Jayce^ wrote the following on 2/4/2005 4:59 PM :

>Fairly easy, and something that could be covered in a perl mongers meeting.  
>There are good perldocs written to help out.  perldoc perlootoot for one.
I am a little bummed about not being able to come to both the Perl and 
Plug meetings lately due to school, especially hearing what Doran is 
talking about on Wednesday.  Can we get his notes?  I may just have to 
skip class for that one.

>Actually, when you first start apache. so startup == apache starting, and 
>loading your code.  Oh, and you *are* restarting apache after you make 
>changes to your code right?  Either that or learning and using 
No, I wasn't restarting apache unless I had made changes to the 
httpd.conf file.  The changes to my code have been taking place by just 
saving the file.  I will look into Apache::Restart.

>Basic things to check first.  You are using strict pragma, right?  You are 
>restarting apache? 
Yes, I am using the strict pragma, also warnings.  I have been 
restarting apache on average twice a day, not will every code change.

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