I'm an apt-get idiot

Jared Bernard jared.bernard at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 16:05:57 MST 2005

> Yes, you should use different mirrors or a different access method (like
> HTTP). One of the index files (Packages.gz) is failing to fully be
> downloaded.

So, do I just edit the /etc/apt/sources.list with an HTTP site? How do
I know what HTTP site to use, is there a list out there that I can
choose from?

> apt-spy is a little program that will write a new sources.list for you
> based on badwidth tests.

I'll give apt-spy a try. Thanks. 

> > Also, if anyone would like to give me a basic understanding of what's
> > happening when I run 'apt-get update'. I understand that it's updating where
> > it's pulling it's resources from, but what's it doing when I get the the
> > 'hit' output as compared to the 'get' output and why does it seem that I
> > continue to get the same output each time I run the command?
> You're using FTP for both your servers. It takes some time to login to
> FTP. When apt starts the process it gives you the "Hit" line, then changes
> to "Get" when it's downloading the files. It tries to download several
> files at once if the server allows it.

Thanks, for everyones input. This really helps me understand the process. 

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