Apache-Perl: mod_perl error

Ryan Nielsen ffl at asphaltzipper.com
Fri Feb 4 16:06:04 MST 2005

Jayce^ wrote the following on 2/4/2005 2:49 PM :

>First question.  Are you using full mod_perl handlers (I'm guessing not by the 
>description I read).  Or are you using something like Apache::Registry, or 
In the httpd.conf file for the <IfModule mod_perl.c> section is says 
PerlHandler Apache::Registry.  So, I am assuming that is what I am using.

>This is where you should build a package probably, very similar in writing to 
>your library, but it will give you some assistance with namespacing, which 
>could possibly be an issue.
>Also, instead of just loading it in each file, you'll be able to load the file 
>at startup, and use shared memory to your advantage.
I'll need to read more into packages.  It is somewhat confusing to me 
right now as to how to use them in perl.  What do you mean load the file 
at startup?  I thought that was what the require statement was doing.

>What places are you reading? There are a couple of excellent books that I 
>would suggest if you are getting into mod_perl programming.
>Practical mod_perl (oreilly)
>mod_perl developers cookbook (sams)
>Writing Apache Modules in Perl and C (oreilly) the eagle book
I currently own:
Deitel's Perl How to Program
O'Reilly's Programming Perl

And I have been reading a bunch off the web.

>Now, did you name your package 'Apache' ?  or are you requiring it in at that 
>level?  Just offhand, this comes to mind.  Without revealing anything 
>'important' could we know some of the file/subroutine names (in case there is 
>a clash?)
I don't have a package.  Is that the real problem here?  I am sure there 
aren't any name conflicts, unless there is some naming convention rule I 
don't know about.

>Also, do you get any warnings on startup? Specifically perl code warnings?  
>What version of apache/perl? 
>Are you using a templating kit?
Again, this "startup" is new to me.  Do you mean when I first open the 
page.  That would be when the script is run, correct?

Perl 5.8.4
Apache-Perl ( Apache 1.3.33 )

No, I am not using a templating kit.

I will read up on packages, and see if I can resolve the issue with a 
using a package designation for my require statement.

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