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> if you don't like the laws the the local/global dominant social group
> legislates, then you can change them through the legislative process, or you
> can go somewhere else.  it's that simple.
> don't like gay marriage?  don't live in vermont.
> want to buy a beer on sunday?  don't live in south carolina.
> want help with assisted suicide?  better move to oregon.
> different people, different morals, different laws.
> if you are part of a moral minority in your community and are outraged at
> the legislative influence of the majority, get used to it - it's the same
> everywhere.

if you happen to be LDS, and living in Missouri in the 1800s, well,
you better move because the government put out an extermination order,
and by virtue of it being a law, it's completely moral.

somehow, i don't think it works that way

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