Apache-Perl: mod_perl error

Ryan Nielsen ffl at asphaltzipper.com
Fri Feb 4 14:31:17 MST 2005

I'm running some perl based web pages with apache-perl on a Debian Sarge 
box.  I'm pretty new to it all, so be nice.  I have used *require* to 
include a file, consisting of a bunch of my subroutines, to my main 
code.  I use the same *require* statement in a few files, and it 
references the same subroutine file.  At times I get the following 
error, while trying to navigate to the linked files that have the 
*require *statement:

[<Date>] [error] Undefined subroutine 
&Apache::ROOT::perl::<path>::<file>_2epl::<subroutine> called at 
<path><file> line ##.\n

Previously, I have simply replicated the subroutines and added them to 
the actual files, without the *require* statement.  I am finally fed up 
with editing each subroutine and having incosistent code, so I am trying 
to resolve this issue.  I have tried to read up on this, but can't seem 
to get it through my thick skull.

I can use the subroutine file on another system ( same setup, except for 
the apache package is just apache: no mod_perl integration ).  What is 
the difference, and how is it possible to make this work.  Or am I just 
doing it totally wrong.


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