Rotating mpeg video

Roberto Mello rmello at
Fri Feb 4 09:07:24 MST 2005

On Fri, Feb 04, 2005 at 08:17:49AM -0700, Steve Dibb wrote:
> mencoder allows you to rotate images by certain degrees.  See man 
> mencoder for its short documentation, but you're better off just trial 
> and error I would guess.
> And if for some reason it takes a long time to reencode it, just use 
> -endpos to test it to make sure its doing it right.
> Here's my guess at what your command might look like:
> mencoder old.avi -rotate +90 (?) -endpos 10 (encode 10 seconds) -of new.avi

This did the trick (thanks for the tip, btw):

mencoder -vf rotate=1 -ovc lavc -oac copy mov00328.mpg -o ronaldo.avi

The -ovc is the video encode filter. I had to use something other than
"copy" for the rotate to work, so I used libavcodec for avi. I will try to
use a raw format later, so that I can hopefully edit the resulting movie
in kino, and then export to mpeg suitable for inclusion in a dvd.

I found this blurb on the web about creating a dvd with dvdauthor, but
hope to find something better:

I must admit that at times like these I wish I just had a Mac around to
quickly do these things. As it is, it'll probably take me a couple weeks
to find time to decode the man pages for all the programs I need to use to
create a dvd.


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