Rotating mpeg video

Steve Dibb steve at
Fri Feb 4 08:17:49 MST 2005

Roberto Mello wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a Sony DSC-V1 digital camera and it makes nice 640x480 mpeg movies.
> My wife recorded one of these movies with the camera turned sideways,
> failing to realize the movie would come out that way.
> I'd like to rotate that movie around, even if I have to do some cropping,
> but I don't know how to go about it.

mencoder allows you to rotate images by certain degrees.  See man 
mencoder for its short documentation, but you're better off just trial 
and error I would guess.

And if for some reason it takes a long time to reencode it, just use 
-endpos to test it to make sure its doing it right.

Here's my guess at what your command might look like:

mencoder old.avi -rotate +90 (?) -endpos 10 (encode 10 seconds) -of new.avi


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