Anyone using Skype?

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Thu Feb 3 22:21:17 MST 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 20:48 -0700, Dave Smith wrote:
> I know Plug recently hosted a meeting on Asterisk and all the glory of 
> DIY Internet telephony. I also saw a post on Skype today. Anyone here 
> using any of these setups and have something to report? Is Skype's sound 
> quality really as good as they claim? Anyone a Skype-only user? Anyone 
> ditched their land-line yet?
> --Dave

>From a recient post to uvlug's list:

I use Broadvoice and because I use Asterisk, I don't need to pay them
for a hook-up device.  The plan is called BYOD (bring your own device).
$10 a month for unlimited in and out going calls to anywhere in Utah.
It's 2 cents to the other 49 states.

I get a local number with:

Caller ID
Voice Mail
Anonymous Call Rejection
Do Not Disturb
Call Forwarding (Always / Busy / No Answer / Selective)

Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
Speed Dial 8 (1 digit speed dialing - Limit 8)
Speed Dial 100 (1 digit speed dialing - Limit 100)
Call Return (Unlimited *69)
Last Number Redial (Unlimited *66)

Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Three-way Calling

I really like it for home but would NOT use Broadvoice for biz.

At work we do run an Asterisk server and have it hooked up to 8 regular
phone lines to the outside world and 20 SIP phones inside.  I works well
and is a great fit for a Linux lover.


P.S.  If anyone goes for Broadvoice...
1) Ask me (on or off list) about it's idiosyncrasies.
2) Throw a dog a bone and use me as a referral number - 8018041199 ;) 

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