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Barry Roberts:
>The main point is, why do you get to enforce your personal morality with

um...the short answer is "cuz that's how our socially based legislative
process works."

"...that doesn't give us the right to impose our beliefs on others who come

ah - actually, it does - at least legislatively.

just want to refer back to my "sociology 101" reply to this thread.
for those of you who missed it, it goes like this:

people have morals.
people make laws.
people make laws based on their morals.

so, any kind of statement like this:

"hey, what gives all you [insert social/religious/philsophical group here]
the right to make laws just because you happen to believe in [insert moral
code here] and the rest of us don't??"

..is a silly statement.  i trust that it's silliness is self evident.  in
case it's not, play the 'fill in the blank' game with any group or law you
can think of, and you'll figure it out.  try "aztecs" and "human sacrifice"
versus "christians" and "murder".  you get the picture.

if you don't like the laws the the local/global dominant social group
legislates, then you can change them through the legislative process, or you
can go somewhere else.  it's that simple.

don't like gay marriage?  don't live in vermont.
want to buy a beer on sunday?  don't live in south carolina.
want help with assisted suicide?  better move to oregon.

different people, different morals, different laws.
if you are part of a moral minority in your community and are outraged at
the legislative influence of the majority, get used to it - it's the same

btw - that's SWEET about the 100th post thing!  w00t!

Josh Coates

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On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 11:30:47AM -0700, Sasha Pachev wrote:
> We should be careful not to upgrade one's right to party however they
> please to their right to worship however they please :-)

That's a straw man.  The main point is, why do you get to enforce your
personal morality with laws?


I think we could eliminate a lot of rapes and under-age pregnancies by
legally enforcing muslim dress codes for men and women.  The right to
party wearing whatever you please is pretty insignificant, if a right
at all.

What, you don't agree with muslim dress codes?  I do.  Get over it.
It's better for society without trampling any significant rights.  We
should be careful not confuse important rights with trivial ones.

As soon as I'm elected to congress I'm going to congress, I'm going to
submit the "Omnibus Anti-Stupidity Act" to outlaw anything that I
think (and, hence, any right-thinking person woudl also think) is


You can argue all day that drinking is bad for society.  No question
there.  But there is ample historical evidence that making drinking
illegal wouldn't decrease the amount of drinking (or have any positive
benefit).  Legislating the morality of a tiny minority does not
change the morals of the majority.

Barry Roberts

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