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On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 11:30:47AM -0700, Sasha Pachev wrote:
> > However, we should be very careful to avoid promoting litigation that
> > interferes with other people's religious practices.  If you are LDS and
> > insensitive to other people's beliefs, you're either extremely
> > inconsistent
> In what way would a legislation against public consumption of alcohol 
> interfere with another's right to worship? Ok, Catholics and a few others 
> need wine for their sacrament. There can be an exception for them. But it 
> seems that we are so anxious to make that exception that we are happily 
> selling beer at gas stations and supermarkets.

I take it you're also including in this exception my point about Jewish
festivals and such...  
However, I think that we need to also mention that religion is not the
only reason that people should have the right to take an action like
this.  Perhaps, there could be some sort of legislation saying that if
someone has a problem that is caused by alcohol (violence, DUI, etc),
they could be prohibited from purchasing alcohol, but i don't think
it's necessarily reasonable for us to prohibit responsible drinkers from
having a cup of wine at a formal dinner, just because our religious
beliefs say that it's wrong.  
i think that if we say that, we are getting to the point that a lot of
other countries are, where the country is based on religious law.  Even
though members of the LDS church are predominant in Utah, that doesn't
give us the right to impose our beliefs on others who come here... 

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