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Josh Hansen lists at josh.aros.net
Thu Feb 3 11:26:51 MST 2005

Josh Coates wrote:
> on pot..
> a 1998 study done by the National Institute of Justice found that out of the
> convicts that were under the influence of drugs during the comission of
> their crime, approximately 18.5% were under the influence of marijuana, and
> 15.2% were under the influence of cocaine or crack, and 5.6% were under the
> influence of heroin.
> note that the study didnt indicate whether or not the crime was violent or
> not - but it's interesting that folks high on marijuana seem to be
> committing (or at least getting convicted of) more crime than folks high on
> crack.
> Josh Coates
> http://www.jcoates.org

That is interesting, but if I had to take a stab at it, I would guess 
that those numbers are so simply because marijuana is more commonly used 
than crack.  So if someone is on a drug and committing a crime, the drug 
is more likely to be marijuana than crack.  It doesn't necessarily mean 
that using marijuana makes a person more likely to commit other crimes. 
  I could be wrong though.

Everyone here has anecdotal evidence and life experiences.  Jayce, 
Sasha, me, everybody.  Sasha might not know any responsible drinkers, I 
do.  Jayce knows some violent potheads, I don't.  I felt compelled to 
"defend" drinkers in the first place because I personally know many 
people who enjoy drinking, who do not drive drunk or abuse their 
families.  It is a person's right to avoid a store that sells alcohol 
and I don't have a problem with it, but I thought the generalizations 
about drinkers and alcohol in general were ignorant and unfair and I 
just felt urged to respond.

It's been interesting to see the variety opinions in this thread, and I 
am glad the PLUG list tolerates an off-topic tangent now and then.  I've 
read this list for a while and I think it's great, but I have made very 
few posts here however since I live in SLC, and I'm just naturally more 
of a lurker than an active poster type.  I was worried that I would get 
flamed for my first post, and I immediately regretted sending it, but 
I'm glad that it turned out ok.


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