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Sasha Pachev sasha at surveyz.com
Thu Feb 3 10:52:35 MST 2005

 > The truth is, alcohol does cause (or is a factor in) a lot of pain and > 
 >suffering.  But for every wife-beating alcoholic, there are 1000 responsible 
 >drinkers who would never harm a fly and who would never drive drunk.

Are you sure about 1000? I do not think I personally know 1000 people period, 
but I already can think of two how have told me they have been violent when 
drunk. I know one (not among those two) who told me he has been arrested for 
DUI. I know another that is currently in jail for DUI. So in my personal 
experience, the stats are no better than 1 out of 250 already, and my stats will 
be better than anybody's - I avoid occasions where alcohol is present as much as 
possible, which makes me associate more with people that do not drink at all, 
and my nature is such that I am usually the last one to find out about skeletons 
in somebody's closet.

But even if this number was right, this would still make a poor argument for 
keeping alcohol legal. What good does alcohol consumption accomplish that cannot 
be substituted with something else? I do not know of any. How much harm can it 
do? A lot. Drinking alcohol is simply dangerous and irresponsible. The fact that 
YOU can get away with it does not justify it. Your drinking buddy might not. 
Somebody who has a genetic problem will watch you drink and follow your example. 
Unknowingly you ruin lives while accomlishing absolutely nothing productive.

Sasha Pachev
AskSasha Linux Consulting

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