Don't buy Western Digital

Erik R. Jensen erikrj at
Wed Feb 2 23:04:22 MST 2005

> Not long ago, James Lance proclaimed...

> Just another followup. Western Digital has an SE line which has 3 year
> warranties. I've installed dozens of these in mirrored configurations in
> Linux systems over the last 2-3 years without any significant problems.

The drives in the SE line are the same drives I use in most my workstation
and low end server configurations. I have had little to no problem with
them over long periods of time. The maxtor drives I have had to deal with
on the other hand have all had extremely short lives.

I also think Doran's comments on the 8MB buffer, >= 3 year warranty and
7200 rpm rotational speed are absolutely correct and good advice to follow
for anyone building new systems.

Erik R. Jensen
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