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Doran Barton fozz at
Wed Feb 2 22:05:45 MST 2005

Not long ago, James Lance proclaimed...
> I'm mostly venting here, but don't waste your money on western digital drives.
> I bought a 120 gig last december and it failed on me this month.  Usually that 
> is no big deal, I've had drives fail in shorter amounts of time.
> The problem is wd has a terrible warranty.  It is only one year long.  I know 
> the community (slashdot...) has raised a stink about this, but it just bit 
> me.  So I'm out a drive, and WD lost my business.
> On the bright side WD will be happy to sell me a new drive at a marginally 
> reduced price...  Looks like a good business plan if you are willing to buy 
> their drives again.

About four years ago, all the major hard drive manufacturers did an
interesting thing: They started publishing never-seen-before
mean-time-before-failure (MTBF) statistics (e.g. 100,000 hours) which
would indicate they expect their product to operate without fail for a
decade. Publishing those kinds of statistics, you'd think they'd pack a
warranty to go along with their confidence, but the standard warranty
silently changed from 3 years to 1 year at the same time.

There are still some drive models from various manufacturers that have 3
year warranties. Some have 5 year warranties. 

My advice: Never buy a hard drive with less than a 3 year warranty. Never
buy a hard drive with less than 8 MB of buffer. Never buy a hard drive with
less than 7200 RPM rotational speed (unless it's HUGE, in which case 5400
RPM is alright).

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