Don't buy Western Digital

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Wed Feb 2 17:43:50 MST 2005

James wrote:

> The problem is wd has a terrible warranty.  It is only one year long.
>  I know the community (slashdot...) has raised a stink about this,
> but it just bit me.  So I'm out a drive, and WD lost my business.

Hmm, I've had two WD drives fail in the past few years, the most recent 
about a month ago.  I called their RMA line and was told the warranty 
is *two* years; my drive was about a year and a half old.  So I got a 
nice replacement, and all is well.

Perhaps it makes a difference where you purchased your drive (mine was 
from NewEgg), but you might want to double-check to see if you're 
really out of luck...


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