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Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Wed Feb 2 16:34:28 MST 2005

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 04:01:22PM -0700, Josh Hansen wrote:
> Stats like those make one wonder why alcohol is legal in this country, 
> while far less harmful drugs are not.

Any student of history knows why alcohol is legal in this country.
The only thing worse than legal alcohol is illegal alcohol

> The truth is, alcohol does cause (or is a factor in) a lot of pain and 
> suffering.  But for every wife-beating alcoholic, there are 1000 
> responsible drinkers who would never harm a fly and who would never 
> drive drunk.
> Many of the arguments against alcohol like that can also be made against 
> guns.

Even more thought-provoking to me is that all the reasons prohibition
didn't work apply to the current war on drugs.  Prohibition didn't
have much affect on drinking.   It just put the breweries out of
business, put money in the hands of gangsters, and reduced the quality
and safety of alcoholic beverages and cost a LOT of money.

> Why is there such a difference in the attitude about alchohol and guns 
> in this state, especially in the more conservative counties and cities? 

Because the American revolution wouldn't have happened without the
right to bear arms.  The freedom to imbibe puts no power in the
hands of the people to ensure their freedom, and, incidentally is not
mentioned in the Second Amendment.

But seriously, I think Utah's liquor laws are ridiculous.  Do they
really prevent any of the previously discussed atrocities?  It seems
contradictory to me that there are people who get angry at grocery
stores for profiting from alcohol sales, but have no problem with
their state government selling hard liquor.

Barry Roberts

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