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>Ok, Josh, I changed to topic :-)

well, in that case - i'm in!

some thoughts on utah religion/politics:

* ALL state/federal laws are based on arbitrary values of "right and wrong"
(ie. morals)

* Many people base their morals on judeo-christian doctrine - many base
their morals on non-religious doctrine.

* The belief in an inherent "spiritual" agency doesn't mean you can't
strongly discourage people from doing things you think are "wrong" by
legislating laws against it.  (Think about it - ALL laws work this way, in
EVERY part of the country.)

some thoughts on alcohol:

* Alcohol is the most widely abused psychoactive drug in the world.

* More than 100,000 deaths are caused by excessive alcohol consumption each
year in the U.S.

* About 48% of all auto fatalities are alcohol related.

* Alcohol kills ~6 times more children/teens than all other illicit drugs

* If alcoholic beverages magically didn't exist, much misery would
alleviated - including death, disease, domestic abuse, and rape.

now, what to do about it?  i don't know - but there are the facts.

Josh Coates

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 > as tempting as it is to get into it, how about we all just skip it and
 > kill this thread.
 > or at least give it a new subject heading - i mean, it's not really fair
 > drag CompUSA into a discussion about utah religion/politics..

Ok, Josh, I changed to topic :-)

Yes, I would rather be subjected to torture than drink alcohol. I have made
promise to God not to drink it, and would rather die than break it.

Regarding the harmful effects of alcohol - if anybody is doubting, talk to a
mother whose son was killed in a drunk driving accident, or a wife that gets
beat up on a regular basis by a drunk husband. That should be enough. It
be enough for me to never want to even touch this poison even if I was not
and knew that I could tolerate small amounts without developing an addiction
just out of respect for them.

Sasha Pachev
AskSasha Linux Consulting

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